What happened to the woman reporter during the live show ? Many such mistakes are made from live TV reporter or anchors, which are quite fun jokes. But there is no mistake of many reporter, yet they become the character of jokes. And their video becomes quite viral. A similar case came out of Los Angeles. Mary Beth Macdad is the Reporter of Kettle News.

woman reporter live show

What happened to the woman reporter during the live show ?

Mary was ready to go live on TV, but this happened just a few seconds before the broadcast, from which she screamed In fact, at that time a cockroach was flying over them and as soon as Mary saw the Cockroach she screamed.

woman reporter live show

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Meanwhile, a coworker also reaches to help the reporter Mary, and they succeed several times to try to get rid of their clothes after trying.

woman reporter live show

In this video of the whole event, Mary appears to be very scared in the beginning, though she later got rid of cockroaches, but she herself was not able to stop laughing after the incident. The full video clip of this event was posted on Twitter by his colleague Marcus Wilson Smith. People are responding differently by looking at this video.

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