Women ban planet Mars and Island

Women ban planet Mars and Japan Island

Women ban planet Mars

We have listened to the entry of women in certain temples, heard the prohibition of entry of women on the tombs and mahras, is now hearing that even an island in Japan is not able to enter the entry of women. Well, it’s so amazing. If this is the speed of banning women, then that day is not far when women dreaming of a trip to Mars will also be banished. Even if humans are planning to travel on the moon, it is very possible that Chanda Mama too has to maintain a relation with her sisters, ie women.

According to the news of The Independent, Japan‘s Okinoshima is strictly prohibited on the arrival of women and men too have to go through tough tests to go on this. Men have to give evidence of their purity, for which they take bath in the water of the ocean by being naked.

What is the secret of this island?

In fact, recently this island was included by UNESCO in the heritage of the world, then the world became obsessed with the matter of women’s banners. It is said that religious importance of this island does not allow women to come here.

According to media reports, Munakata is a temple named Taisha Okitsu on the island. In it, the Goddess of the sea is worshiped. In the 17th century it was worshiped during the voyage so that the ship was safe. The rule is that on 27th May every 200 men are allowed to come here only.

This unique island is spread over 700 square meters, which is in the southwestern part of Japan.
… this is because of the entry of women on the islands!

According to media reports, from the fourth to the ninth century it used to be as the center of trade between the Korean Peninsula and China.

Those who lost their life in the sea war between Russia and Japanese between 1904-05 are paid homage here.

There is no specific reason behind no entry on this island of women, but it is believed that due to periods women have been stopped from coming here.

One reason is also that in ancient times people did not want to jeopardize the lives of women during the voyage, so they did not allow them to come to this island, since then the same tradition is being followed here.

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