Here all the work done by the purchase of the virgin girls. After death, no one remembers the person, only his deeds are remembered. After death, the body is buried, or burnt. But you may be surprised to know that even after you die in China you can work for someone. This is especially special for them if they are women.

Here all the work done by the purchase of the virgin girls ! – India Virals |

A wedding festival is celebrated by the name of Ghost Wedding in the western Sangshi region of China. Where the dead person is married in it. The surprising thing is that both the groom and the bride are dead in this. Their family members get married each other. Local people here believe that by doing this, the soul wandering the boy gets peace quickly.

The people living here believe that after doing such a marriage, there are no obstacles or obstacles after marriage. People who want to marry their dead boys often buy her dead body from the dead girl’s house.

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Permission is also made on this matter from his family members. In China, boys often die more than girls. The main reason for this is the charity here, which often explode. In which workers who work in large numbers are killed. At the same time, the mortality rate of girls is very low. Due to this, the bodies of girls can be found very little.

In such a situation, it is very difficult to get the corpse of the girls. Some people even get married even after stabbing the dead bodies of women. After the marriage, the body of the dead girl is buried in the tomb beside the boy. To save the corpses due to this theft, the Chinese government has deployed the police on the cemeteries, thereby preventing the theft of lakhs there.

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