Work During Pregnancy:  The feeling of making mother is most special. Every woman is aspiring that her baby is beautiful and healthy. But how to fulfill this ambition does not understand what to do. During ‘pregnancy‘, the doctor gives advice on taking good diet. The child with whom to be healthy But if you want your child to be healthy as well as healthy. So today we will tell you about some of the things that if you join in your diet then your child’s color will be fair.

Do this work during ‘Pregnancy’

Saffron in Milk

People would have heard saying that drinking a saffron milk in pregnancy is very beneficial. By eating saffron milk, the child is cleanly colored. By mixing saffron and almond milk in milk, the child’s body is healthy.

Tender Coconut

Coconut is found in many nutrients, coconut water is full of electrolytes, chlorides, potassium and magnesium. There is also a limited amount of sugar, sodium and protein. Which are very beneficial for Pregnant Woman. It is said that it is very good for the child’s skin.

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The orange is very beneficial for health due to its lack of vitamins C in the body. The pregnant woman should eat the lush oranges daily.

Ms. Sugar with Coconut

Mixing sugar mixed in small pieces of raw coconut also benefits. The child’s color will be clean and the skin will shine.

Green Vegetables

There are many vitamins found in green vegetables, which are very beneficial during pregnancy, therefore green vegetables must be eaten. It gives a lot of iron to the body, which is very important for the child’s health.

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