Due to these forces, the world has become a crisis for the ‘eccentric dictator’! New Delhi: North Korea has again raised tension across the world by conducting another missile test. The seriousness of the stress is so high that the United Nations Security Council has called a meeting tonight, in which the North Korean potato will be discussed. The United Nations has already imposed strict restrictions on North Korea, and despite this, it did missile test from Japan. Japan is telling it a step to provoke the war.

eccentric dictator,

North Korea ignored all the warnings and did a missile test again. North Korea has conducted a missile test after the United Nations Security Council’s very strict ban. The missile flows through Japan and drops into the Pacific Ocean. Missile landed through 770 km above the ground. The missile set a distance of 3 thousand 700 km. For the second time in a month, North Korea has a missile fire over Japan.

eccentric dictator,

The world has become a crisis for the ‘eccentric dictator’! – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

South Korea’s President Moon J. said that North Korea has left the missile again. Despite the warnings of the international community and the UN Security Council restrictions, he did this. North Korea has become a serious threat to the peace of this region. Stress has increased again after North Korea’s snow bowl. Japan has described it as a stepping stone to the war.

Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe said that the international community should come together and give a clear message to North Korea that its provocative action is a threat to the world’s peace. Japan will take every possible step to protect its people. But mercurial North Korea has threatened to attack Japan directly after the Missile Test.

eccentric dictator,

North Korea has said that we do not want Japan’s presence. Attacking the atomic bomb, submerge its four islands into the sea. Among North Korea’s missile test and threat, South Korea has also indicated that by firing missile, it is also fully prepared. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has said that he will act quickly. Trump said that I think many efforts are being made in this. We are seeing what is happening, I mean that as we speak, we are seeing it, you will see what we will do?

eccentric dictator,

The world has become a crisis for the ‘eccentric dictator’! – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

Of course, tension is very high about North Korea at this time because Kim Jong is not only going to test a missile after one but also threatening to eradicate South Korea, the United States, and Japan.

Strength of North Korea

There are two reasons for the crisis from North Korea to the world, the first is that its reins are near a freak dictator and the other has nuclear missiles equipped with bombs.

Power of missiles

1. Huasong 10 – 4 thousand km

2. Huasong 12 – 6 thousand km

3. Huasong 13 – 12 thousand km

4. Huasong 14 – 10 thousand km

5. Atom bomb – 30-60

6. Soldiers – 9.45 lakh

7. Tank – 5050

8. Gun – 6550

9. Aircraft – 950

10. Submarine – 76

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