This is the world’s dirtiest person, not bathed for 60 years. Winter hay or heat bath is very important for good health, because it cleanses sweat and dirt and makes our body free. But there is something in the world which is not liked at all.

This is the world’s dirtiest person, not bathed for 60 years – India Virals |

One such person is 83-year-old Amo Haji, who does not even remember when she was bathing in the Akhari bar. They think that as soon as they put a drop of water on their body, they will get sick. While living in Dajgah village of Iran, for the last 63 years, he is living a similar lifestyle. There are many such things about him, which is why he is considered to be the most dirty person in the world.

dirtiest person

They do not like fresh meat at all. He eats rotten meat of dead animals.
They like the beans of beef most. They drink cigars, whose pipe is always full of animal stools. When the hair grows, they do not have any cutting, but burn them. They also find the most smelly and dirty place to relax. It is said that in puberty he was not at all like this. After some difficulties in life he made himself like this and now he is happy with his life. Lageen says that he is fearless and free, because he has nothing to lose.

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