This is the world’s expensive burger, price …! Today we are going to tell you about a burger that you will be surprised to know about. In fact, you will be surprised knowing the price of burgers made in a UK restaurant. It is being described as the most expensive burger in the world.

This is the world’s most expensive burger, price …! – India Virals |

world’s expensive burger- India Virals |

world's expensive burger

Its price is 1100 pounds (about 1 lakh 85 thousand rupees). The name of this restaurant, Burger, is named Hockey Talk which is located in West London. Apart from beef, New Zealand’s Venison, Canada’s lobster, Iran’s saffron and precious items brought from many countries of the world have also been cast.

worlds expensive burger

To cover it, a dose of gold worthwhile has been erected. The restaurant chief took 3 weeks to prepare this dish for 3 weeks. Before making this burger, Safe used it with a large number of ingredients. After this the right recipe for burger was prepared. There is 2,618 calories in Burger, which is more than the daily calorie of an adult person.

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