Expensive Cake , Dubai: You have heard and heard about many expensive things. There are many types of expensive items in daily social media. Someone claims to make the most expensive bicycle, so no clock. They are worth millions of crores. These days the world’s most expensive cake is shadow in the headlines.

This world’s most expensive cake , You will shock after seeing price

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A bakery from Dubai has claimed to have made the most expensive cake so far. The cost of this cake is being said to be worth 25 thousand US dollars.

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According to Broad Way Bakery, the weight of this four-foot tall cake is 32 kg. This cake can be fed easily to 100 to 120 people. According to a report from Gulf News, this sponge cakes made in Dubai are dedicated to Trian Leninester of Game of Thrones. The bakery has posted a video in YouTube. It has been told in which how to prepare this special cake.

The cost of this cake in Dubai is 91,800 dirham, which comes close to Rs 16.15 lakh in Indian Rupees. According to Broadway Bakery, it is about 30 to 32 kilograms. The bakery has been claimed that it is the world’s most expensive cake. This video of 3 minutes and 45 seconds has been told how the cake has been prepared. This video has seen more than 50 thousand people.

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