World's Longest Woman

World’s Longest Woman Desire

In the modeling world, thousands of people are debuting daily. There is a Russian woman who is in the field in the headlines these days. The reason is the length of feet over average.

World’s Longest Woman to make a long model record

World's Longest Woman

The 29-year-old basketball player Ekaterina Lisina’s legs are 52.4 inches long. She wants to make a record of being the longest model.

Looks like a tower between people

World's Longest Woman

Equarinas living in Penza look like a tower between people with normal length.

Will the record be maintained?

World's Longest Woman

“I really want to record the longest model in the Book of World Records,” says Olympic Medalist Ekaterina. I want to change the longest foot record in the world too. My legs are longer than the current record. This will prove to be an ally in my modeling career.

Successful basketball players

World's Longest Woman

Ekaterina is a successful basketball player because of long legs. He wants to be a model at the age of 16, but then he chose the game because of his basketball talent.

Team won bronze medal

Ekaterina has also been part of several teams in the Russian Premier League. He led the Russian women team at the 2008 Olympics. Then his team won the bronze medal.

Father too long!

World's Longest Woman

Ekaterina’s father Victor Lissina is six feet five inches (198 centimeters) and her mother is six feet one inch (188 centimeters) long.

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