VIDEO: This is the world’s richest village, 1.5 million in Bank account.As soon as you come, there will be people living without raw house, broken roads, electricity and water in your mind. But if we tell you that there is a village like this, where every resident has a luxurious house, shining carts and more than 1.5 crore rupees in the account, you will not believe it.

VIDEO: This is the world’s richest village, 1.5 million in Bank account – India Virals |

This is not a concrete story but a reality. This is such a village where the eyes of the metro city people will be torn apart by seeing the lifestyle of the people. This village is in China and its story is very interesting.

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Vakshi village of Jiangsu Province in China is called the world’s richest village . This village is famous all over the world by the name of China’s ‘Super Village’. Located about 135 km from China’s financial capital, Shanghai, there are dozens of multinational companies and large scale farming.

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It is not that this village was always rich, it was a time when the people here used to be very poor. The credit goes to the local secretary of the Communist Party Wu Renabo, to bring the village to the peak of success . Reno made a blueprint for the development of the village, he formed the company and promoted collective farming.

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Today this village is considered to be the stronghold of millions of companies , in which steel and shipping are the major companies. It is said that most of the houses in the village are alike and there are many rooms in each, seeing this house does not look less than any hotel. In 2011, the people of the village celebrated its 50th anniversary by building a 328 meter long skyscraper.

If there are some media reports, gambling and drugs in the villageBut there is no restriction on the press. Some people also say that the people’s money here is not their own but the village itself. No one can take these money out.

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