This is the World’s Tallest Girl, Length ? Dubai. Today we are going to tell you about a girl about which you will be shocked to know. In fact, the 7-foot-long 17-year-old girl (Rumessa Gelgi) of Turkey has been named as the longest girl in the Guinness Book.

This is the World’s Tallest Girl, Length ? – India Virals

world's tallest girl


Rumisa studied in class 11. Due to a disease (Weaver syndrome), his physical development has become very much in terms of age.

world's tallest girl

Rumessa can not walk due to length. A special wheelchair has been built for him.

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world's tallest girl

Rumessa lives in Turkey’s Safran Bolu city with her parents and older brothers and sisters. Rumessa says that she likes to look the most different and she also takes things out in a high place easily. At present, the certificate has been issued by Guinness Book.

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