Bikaner. The world’s third largest treasure is far from the public. There is deep respect for the Bikaner Raj family in the heart of Bikaner’s common people. In the memories of the general public, the art and literature of the royal family and the stories of love and public welfare are still safe. At present, the precious treasure of three hundred years old in the protection of the former royal family is far from the reach of the people.

third largest treasure

The world’s third largest treasure is far from the public – India Virals |

Keeping this in mind, books were precious, the tenth Maharaja of Bikaner Anoop Singh founded the Historical Anoop Sanskrit Library. Here’s the unaccounted treasure of the world’s third largest handwritten texts. Anoop Singh, who had enriched with the books obtained from the territories won by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the South Army Expeditions.

third largest treasure

Maharaja Anoop Singh himself was a Sanskrit scholar. He also gave shelter to the scholars from various states in Bikaner. In Anoop Singh’s tenure, scholars composed priceless texts. Until independence, hundreds of researchers from abroad and abroad used to come to acquire the wealth of knowledge in this library. Italian scholar L.P. Tessitori threw thousands of texts from this library into a list.

third largest treasure

This library has some hundred and eight valuable manuscripts of music. The question that stands beside the hotels in the historic Lalgarh Palace complex, will reach the common people.

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